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Cataract Surgery

Insta-Sight™ cataract surgery is the removal of the cataract without the use of needles, patches or stitches. Insta-Sight™ cataract surgery was co-developed and trademarked by Dr. Stuart Kaufman.

Benefits of Insta-Sight™ Cataract Surgery

- No Needles

Insta-Sight™ cataract surgery is the safest procedure because there are no needles, no injections, no patches and no stitches. It is a safer procedure because there is no bleeding and high risk patients that are taking aspirin or anti-coagulates do not stop these medications prior to surgery. To ensure that cataract surgery is as comfortable as possible, two forms of an xylocaine eliminates sensation inside. Numbing the eye is done without needles in order to maximize patient comfort. This allows the cataract removal procedure to be done without pain or needles.

- No Stitches - The Self-Healing Incision

Once the eye is completely numb, Dr. Kaufman will use an instrument to make a tiny beveled “self-sealing” incision. This self-sealing incision allows the eye to heal without stitches. It works because the eye’s internal pressure holds the incision tightly closed.  The self-sealing incision is microscopic, and is made at the edge of the clear cornea (the transparent covering of the front of the eye). Dr. Kaufman was the first to perform this technique in the counties in which he practices, coining it Insta-Sight™. The cataract is then gently removed by phacoemulsification (sound waves).

border cataract surgery procedure

Insta-Sight™ Cataract Procedure

An intraocular lens implant is inserted through the microscopic self-sealing incision. This lens is permanent. The incision will heal naturally and quickly without stitches. Dr. Kaufman will place drops in the eye to help prevent infection and inflammation. A follow up appointment will be required within 48 hours after surgery. Patients should see a change within their vision almost immediately and can return to most of their daily activities.

If you have a cataract in the Tampa Bay Area, visit the Kaufman Eye Institute today and Dr. Kaufman will assist you through every step, helping you to regain your vision and improve the quality of your life.